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At Soul Dental Kids, we offer a variety of minimally invasive cavity treatments, and we’ll recommend those anytime we can. There are times, however, when a more standard treatment such as a filling is called for. Not to worry—we will always work extra hard to make your little’s experience a positive one. We also offer almost all procedures right here in-house, so it’s unlikely your child will ever need to go somewhere new and unfamiliar for a big-deal procedure. For pediatric cavities in NYC and so much more, we are your go-to dentist!

Tooth-Colored Fillings

We use composite material for fillings, which we match your child’s tooth color. We understand that self-confidence is everything for children and adolescents. Tooth-colored composite fillings are invisible, often even to the patient themselves. We find this goes a long way toward keeping kids focused on kid stuff instead of worrying about what others will see when they smile.

As for the procedure itself, parents may have a sense of what it will be like for their kiddos. After all, most of us have received at least a filling or two. But for the lucky ones who haven’t, know that it’s a fairly easy experience for the patient. For starters, we can let your child know exactly what we’re going to do and how it will feel each step of the way if that helps them. (Or not, if it doesn’t.)

Aside from some possible anxiety about it, the worst part of getting a filling is usually receiving the anesthesia, which is administered locally using a needle. But! We apply a numbing gel first, so it’s not as bad as it sounds. Even better, in many cases, we’re able to avoid the needle and anesthesia altogether by gently removing decay with a slower drill. In either case, recovery for composite fillings is almost immediate.

Your child can eat and drink normally as soon as the feeling returns to their mouth. (Otherwise, if they received anesthesia, it’s very easy for them to bite their tongue or lip without realizing it!)

Stainless Steel Crowns (SSC)

While they aren’t invisible like composite fillings, stainless steel crowns represent the best option for children with severely decayed molars. We prep the tooth by removing decayed portions and reducing the tooth’s size. Finally, we place a stainless-steel, tooth-shaped crown to cover the tooth.

Stainless-steel crowns can prevent the dreaded root canal or extraction and keep a child’s primary tooth healthy until it naturally falls out. By stopping the decay process, an SSC can spare your child worse dental problems in the future.

The Go-To Dentist for Pediatric Cavities in NYC

Gosh, we hope your child never has a cavity, and we’re here, first and foremost, to prevent that ever happening. But if they do, we’re here for them each step of the way. We will meet them where they are and provide the care their individual situation requires.

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